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Caffeine affects the rate of your pulse by speeding it up due to your body releasing an endorphin, which is the same endorphin which is released when you are nervous as this is happening it also raises your blood pressure.

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Q: How does caffeine the rate of your pulse?
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How does caffeine raise the pulse rate?

there is so much sugar in caffeine it makes your blood pump!

What is the dependent variable in an experiment to determine whether drinking caffeinated soda increases pulse rate?

The pulse rate, since it's dependent on the quantity of caffeine, which is the changeable, independent variable.

Why does caffeine raise your pulse?

Caffeine is typically found in many products like coffee. The effects that caffeine has on a person varies between people. Some symptoms of an overdose of caffeine can include increased heart rate, increased sweating, anxiety, and dehydration. Caffeine levels differ form product to product so look at the labels before consuming. Remember, moderartion is key to a healty lifestyle

What is the pulse rate of a California blackworm?

the average pulse rate of te California blackworm is 7 to 8 beats per minutes, however this rate can be changed or altered easily by in the induction of other subtancses that can either raise or lower the pulse rate (such as caffeine or alcohol.) So thep use rate can very widely

What raises a pulse rate?

Exercises and sports that involve a lot of running and sprinting and a lot of caffeine in your diet can also raise your pulse rate because of the endorphins it gives off, chocolate, coca-cola, red bull, coffee and energy drinks. You can also raise your pulse rate if you become anxious or nervous about something.

How are your breathing rate and pulse rate related?

The breathing rate and pulse rate are related proportionally. If the breathing rate increases, so does the pulse rate. The pulse rate is an indication of the breathing rate.

Can you have arithmia when your pulse rate is high?

Why do you have your pulse rate taken? Why do you have your pulse rate taken?

What other activities can cause an increase in your pulse rate?

any type of exercise or physical activity will raise your pulse- running, sport, sex etc. Also, fright or excitement will raise your pulse (as your body prepares for a 'flight' response). Some drugs can raise your pulse, eg. caffeine.

The pulse rate is equal to?

the pulse rate is usually equal to the heart rate

What is a pulse rate of a carabao?

normal pulse rate of the carabao

What is your pulse rate when you are playing football?

Your pulse rate is faster

What is the munipluated variable pulse heart rate?

pulse rate in legs