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Q: How does a ventilator help a person breathe?
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How does ICU help patients who cannot breathe for themselves?

The icu has a machine called a respirator or ventilator, and this does assistive breathing for those who are unable to breathe on their own.

Why wean off a ventilator?

A patient is weaned off a ventilator so they are able to breathe on their own again. Weaning is the process of shifting breathing function from a machine to the person breathing on their own.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word ventilator?

They bought a ventilator so that they can breathe fresh air in their small apartment.

At the scene of an auto accident what would warrant putting a person on a ventilator?

the victim would be too injured to breathe for themselves or protect their airway.

Is the iron lung still in use today?

A negative pressure ventilator, often referred to as an iron lung can be defined as a form of medical ventilator medical that enables a person to breathe when normal muscle control has been lost or the work of breathing exceeds the person's ability. The iron lung was replaced by respirators and nebulizers.

What is a ventilator and how is it used?

Ventilators assist in air movement. In medical equipment a ventilator helps a patient breathe. In a home, a ventilator is used to keep air moving through a space to prevent moisture build-up and excessive temperature conditions.

Is a ventilator and life support the same thing?

a ventilator helps somebody breathe that its a life support machine keeps the person alive it basically does all the body functions for them they cant survive without it a person on a ventilator kinda can survive.

How does a plant help a person?

PLants help people many ways. they breathe in carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe out. they breathe out oxygen, which is what we breathe in. without plants, we'd die from suffocation.

Is a respirator and a ventilator the same thing?

No. A respirator and ventilator are alike, but different. A ventilator is what they out people on either life support or during surgery. A respirator is used to help breathing not do it for you! (:

Does ventilator associated pneumonia require hospitalization?

Ventilator associated pneumonia does require a person to be hospitalized. The ventilator is a large, expensive machine that requires medical professionals to use the machine.

When a person is on a ventilator can they walk around?

No. Â?People on ventilators are usually unconscious and in Intensive Care Units.Some people with diseases such as Myaesthenia Gravis reach a stage where their medication no longer works and their respiratory muscles stop working, so they could be on a ventilator at home and not unconscious. Â?But if their muscles are too weak for them to breathe, they certainly won't be walking around.

During two-person CPR can the compressor and ventilator change positions?

Yes the compressor and ventilator can change positions; when the person giving compressions is ready to change, he calls for 'change" on the last compression.