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Unless you are much bigger and stronger, and are prepared to devote a great deal of effort and time to the job, you don't. People who try to control drunks (and who always fail) are called codependents. Try hitting some Al-anon meetings. See the link below for places and times.

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I was 10 when I had to take care of my drunk mom. I was so scared but I learned don't let the drunkie know your fear. If they vomit it's okay. Let them sleep don't wake them up. If they don't respond to anything you must call the ambulance right away: 911. Make sure they are on their side when they are sleeping. They could drown in their own vomit if they are on their back. And most important: don't panic!

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Time is the only effective way to remove alcohol from your system.

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let them sleep and undrunk them selves

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Q: How do you undrunk someone that is drunk?
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