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this method to unflag is completely risk free and noone can flag u this way........ok first right click on the font bg(background) butoon..........then click settings........a small box will pop the folder pic button..... then u will see a bar........reduce the bar to zero.........then they will ask is it ok to reduce the bar to OK........then u have to refrsh or reload the they will ask u if its ok store the data in the yes..........dont worry its not stored in ur computer....then u have to sign in again.........and walla..........ur unflagged.........and in this state no can flaf u matter how no may times they try they can't flag u.!!!!

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Q: How do you unban yourself from chatango?
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How can you unban myselff on RuneScape?

You don't unban yourself. Whoever banned you can unban you. What you have to do is appeal the ban.

How do you unban yourself from iscribble?

The Moderators on the site have to unban your IP Address.

How do you unban yourself on toontown?

you can't unban yourself from toontown. you will need to make a new account and start over.

How do you unban yourself from facebook?

Only Facebook Page Admin Have This right to Unban or Ban a Person No Other One have these rights to unban their self

How do you unban yourself from clubpenguin?

well you might want to try going to

How do you unban yourself on chobots?

u cant sorry!

How do you unban yourself from Call of Duty Black Ops?

you cant.

How do you unban yourself on chaturbate?

Try to make registration from

How do you unban yourself from smallworlds?

you shut up :) did i help?? MUAHAHAHAAH

Do the Jonas brothers have chatango's?

What is Chatango? -Amy!

How do you unban yourself from Pokemon card maker?

Ok, if you go and type something and refresh the page, your message isn't there right? The best thing to do is contact a moderator, or friend. You can contact a person named Itsxd, because he can contact a moderator to unban you. FYI: If you get flagged, here's the unflag trick; First you must have firefox. Then go to pokemoncardmaker or whatever chatango chat, then you see the T? Click on that, then right click. A thing will pop up, and then you drag it to 0. Refresh the page, then chat away!

How can you unban your banned Club Penguin account on Club Penguin?

Unless you are fully banned, like forever then you can't unban yourself. If it is tine limited you have to wait for that amount of time.