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Just tell her the truth..

don't just ignore her that's the worst

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Tell her you're gay, they fall for it every time.

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Q: How do you turn down a girl nicely?
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Is there a device which will turn down your neighbors TV?

ask them to turn it down nicely

How do you let down a girl?

You need to let them down nicely.

How do you nicely turn down you guy you have never met?

You politely tell him that your not interested. Easy as pie.

What can you do to turn on any girl?

Tie her down

What can you do to turn on any girl sexualy?

Tie her down

How do you find out if girl is a lesbian?

Ask her nicely

How do you turn a guy down nicely that you have been unconsiously flirting with?

you say your sorry but you are just not interested say it sweetly and nice. don't forget to say sorry

How do you impess a 13 year old girl?

Talk to her nicely.

How to bend a girl over nicely?

tell her touch her toes,

Who is the Indian girl in lil Jon turn down for what video?

Sunita Mani

If a girl turns you down nicely should you ask her out again?

If a girl turns you down nicely, it's best to respect her decision and not ask her out again. It's important to understand and accept her boundaries and move on gracefully. If there is a change in her feelings, she will likely let you know.

What type of girl does John Parker Wilson like?

John Parker Wilson likes a nice girl with a nice personality. He likes her to act nicely and dress nicely. He really likes NICE girls......:)