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Shy people are uncomfortable around people that they do not know. When you meet shy people, you can talk to them in a polite and friendly manner. Talk about general topics and do not ask a lot of questions that are personal.

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Q: How do you talk to shy people?
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How do you make shy people talk more?

tickle them

What are you called if you are afraid to talk to new people?

the word is shy

How often do people talk?

All the time unless they are shy.

How do you attract a shy guy?

If he is shy, then talk to him. Shy people tend to just walk away, or not talk to you. Then you have to take control. Be nice to him, let him know that you are interested. But the thing about shy people, is that you can't expect them to flirt or anything. So flirt a little with him, but not to much. Good luck. :)

How do you get shy people to talk?

Well shy people tend to have to bond with that person and get used to them before opening up to another. Tyr spending time with that person, and talkin with them..Be nice friendly and dont come on to strong.Even shy people are usually quite willing to talk about themselves!

How do you talk to someone who is shy and is always to shy to talk to you?

you could start by taking them out for dinner. if you do stuff like that you other people are going to be more confident and they will start talking to you .

How does people that are shy not really talk so much?

Well people that are shy either don't feel comfortable talking or just do not want to talk. Shy people sometimes dont feel comfortable in these types of situations so they deicde not to talk. Maybe they are embaressed, and maybe they just dont have anything to say. Sometimes, though, people who are shy grow out of it. Or they grow more accustomed to some people, and are only shy around strangers or new people. Either way they have their reasons, and when they feel like talking, they'll open up and do so.

How do you become friends with someone you don't often see and you're kind of shy?

Talk to them when you see them. if you're shy then you'll get over it by getting the nerve to talk to people. being shy usually lasts as long as you allow it to last

How do you tell if a shy boy likes you?

try and talk to him and when you talk to him if he goes extremely red he will like you. also try and see if he is shy towards other people and if he isn't then he will probably like you.

What are conversation topics to talk about to a shy boy without having to talk about school?

Shy boys have their enthusiasms, which may be for certain kinds of books, music, movies, video games, even athletics (although athletics are more often associated with people who are not that shy). What is he enthusiastic about? That's what you should talk about.

How do you talk to a shy girl if you are shy too?

by getting to no her/him.

If the boy you like is shy how do you get him to talk to you?

you got to talk to him in front of people or you have to always put your hands around him in front of your friends.