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it doesn't matter wich side you unscrew but with mine i found out it's easier to unscrew the top first and when putting it back in put it through the top first also

Most basic industrial bars only unscrew from one side. I have 3 and have fount it easier to unscew it from the bottom and pull it up and out, and when putting it back in go from the top and screw and the bottom. But everyone have there own preference. Just play around with it when it is fully healed and see what works better for you.


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Q: How do you take out an industrial bar which side do you unscrew it?
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How do change the industrial bar?

You take both balls on the ends off. Take out the bar. and place a new one in. and then put the balls on the end of that bar.

How do you take off lip ring stud short bar?

Unscrew the ball or gem. If it's too tight to unscrew, either go to your piercer for a longer bar, or soak it in warm water to relieve the swelling.

How do you remove a bar type nipple ring?

Simply unscrew the ball off of either side of the barbell and remove the jewellery.

How do you remove a lip bar?

Unscrew the ball and remove the jewellery.

How do you take a belly bar out?

How do you take your belly bar out? well.. i had my belly done yesterday and it really hurts, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Turn the top ball counter clockwise the ball will unscrew from the banana bell and you can remove the jewellery from there.

When can you take out an industrial bar?

I have an industrial bar, and the piercer told me to wait 4 to 6 months. I only waits 2 1/2 and it resulted in an infection. I suggest waiting until it is fully healed

How do you get a antitragus piercing bar out?

it's just like a belly bar. you unscrew the top ball, and then pull it from the bottom :)

Can you get an industrial bar piercing at pagoda?


How do you take out your nipple piercing?

Depends what kinda bar or ring you have in. If its a ring, with a ball in the middle, just go see your piercer because you need special plier like things to undo them properly. If its a bar, just unscrew it.

When can you replace an industrial bar?

After it is fully healed

How do you change battery in a Monte Carlo?

You have to unscrew the bar that sits over it to get to the battery. a real pain

How long till you can take out the industrial bar?

My piercier said it takes 6 months to heal completely! And im fixing to take mine out to clean it so, around half away you can take it out ONLY TO CLEAN IT. (: