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Flight Socks

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Q: How do you stop swollen ankles when flying?
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Is swollen ankles a sign of diabetes?

Yes, swollen ankles are a common symptom of diabetes.

Can back pain give you swollen ankles?

no it does not gives you swollen ankles

Can sitting too long cause swollen ankles?

Sitting for long periods, anywhere, CAN cause swollen ankles.

What medication can be taken for swollen ankles?

what pills do I take for swallen ankles

What does swollen ankles with bruising mean?

Swollen ankles with bruising could indicate a sprain or strain from an injury, such as a twisted ankle. It could also suggest a more serious underlying condition, such as a blood clot or inflammatory disorder. It is advisable to seek medical attention to determine the exact cause and receive appropriate treatment.

Why are your feet and ankles swollen after a miscarriage?

Swollen feet and ankles after suffering through a miscarriage are caused by hormones. These same hormones that are occurring during the pregnancy contribute to water retention.

What causes swollen ankles and swollen neck at the same time?

Fluid retention caused by excess salt intake can cause swollen ankles and a swollen neck. Usually, a swollen neck is caused by swollen lymph nodes which are caused by an infection of some type but since your ankles are swollen also I would suspect fluid retention. Try severely limiting your intake of salt. Do not just eliminate white table salt. Also eliminate salt from processed meats and snacks.

Does eating too much sugar cause swollen ankles?


Does drinking alcohol cause swollen feet and ankles?


How do you know when you are carrying water weight?

swollen hands and ankles.

Can you get swollen ankles from sitting too long?

Yes, sitting for a prolonged period can lead to poor circulation in the legs, causing fluid to accumulate and potentially leading to swollen ankles. To prevent this, try to take breaks to stand up and move around every hour or so, or consider doing ankle exercises while sitting to keep the blood flowing.

Why are your ankles and body swollen and reataining water?

If your ankles and body are swollen and retaining water, this could mean that your kidneys are not working properly. This also happens during pregnancy, and sometimes when a person gets too hot.