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You really can't do anything about being flat chested....especially if you're a young girl.If your older though you do have the option of implants.but if your young the only option is to wear padded Bras or just wait.(p.s-don't fall for things that say they can make your boobs grow bigger because they are all lies.This is a natural thing so there is nothing they sell that can enhance this) (p.s.s- you might think that you will take after your mother but chances are you won't.Slot of times you take after someone else or you go at your own pace.Either way you can't rush it)

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Q: How do you stop being flat chested?
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How can you get people to stop calling flat chested?

If you just ignore them, it doesn't matter if your chest is small or large .

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Would guys like a flat chested girl with confidence?

There are many guys that would like a flat chested girl that is confident.

What does it mean if kelsey is flat chested?

she has no boobs.

Do men like flat chested women?

I am 35 and flat chested and every sexy hot guy is still chasing me :)AnswerIt varies from man to man. Mens taste can vary from extremely over sized breasts to flat chested, just like women's taste in mens' features can vary.

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Yes, and so is Tenten

How do you become a flat-chested women?

You can't your either born with it or not.

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Get a life. Maybe you're just disgusting and nobody likes you. Perhaps your flat chested. Nobody likes flat chested women. *cough* Sarah Kuespert.

What should you do if you flat chested at 13?

Im 13 and flat chested like you. and i hate it so i can understand why you are bothered. Yeh , sometimes i get teased about it, but most of the time i just grin and bear it!

Why am i flat chested at 14years old?

Primarily because you will not be fully physically mature at 14 years old. Also, if you are on the skinny side, you are likely to remain flat chested whilst you're skinny, since breast tissue is one of the first things to gain weight and one of the first things to lose weight if you diet. I have assumed from the question that you're female. However if you're male, being flat chested at 14 is to be expected, to a certain extent...