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Q: How do you say that the person is healthy?
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Is good hair skin and nails a sign of a healthy pregnancy?

You can not say this. but healthy hair and nails are a sign that the person is healthy.

When and how can you say that a person is healthy?

When he is free from physical and mental problems.

How can you say that a person has a healthy lifestyle?

i can say that a person has a healthy lifestyle if he/she eats food that has a lot of nutritional value and decrease the consumption of eating junkfoods.doing exercise daily and having a good personal hygiene are the essentials is wealth.having a healthy lifestyle is living a healthy life..i hope i help=)

Is the heart small or big?

Experts say a person's heart is as big as that person's clenched fist (if it is healthy)

How do you tell if you are fat?

well if i am fat i will say that i m a healthy person and God has gifted as such a beautiful things to eat and to enjoy.So,why we should not eat food and not should not be a healthy and fat person

What is your idea of a healthy person?

A fit and healthy person

Is chocloate milk good for you?

i wouldn't say it is healthy but it is not terrible it really depends what kind of ingredients are in it - a person

What is a healthy dress size for a person 5ft 1?

It's all a matter of opinion really, Honestly, I'd say anything between a 6 and a 14 is healthy.

What are the benefits of a healthy person?

what are some benefits of having a healthy person

How can you describe the healthy person?

a healthy person eat fruits and vegetables

Can a fat person also be healthy?

A fat person can be healthy, yes.

What do you call a person that is mentally healthy?

A mentally healthy person is safe