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It is not possible for a person to miss an entire night of sleep without being tired the next day. A person may drink energy drinks or coffee to try to keep themselves awake.

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Q: How do you miss a night of sleep without being tired the next day?
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A hiker went without sleep for seven days and wasn't tired How?

The hiker slept at night but did not sleep during the day.

Do you sleep at nite?

No. I sleep when I am tired, which is usually at night (not nite).

You either tired all day or sleep all day but then you cant sleep at night?

If you sleep all day, it's pretty obvious why you can't sleep at night. But if you're tired all day but can't sleep at night, you probably have insomnia which is a symptom, not a complete disease.

How do you not wake up tired after a good night sleep?


How much sleep is necessary to have?

In the night,alo when you becom tired u can sleep to relax your mind.

Can you get eye bags and dark circles around your eyes bacause of too much sleep?

The answer is yes. Dark circles under your eyes (as well as eyebags) are result of being too tired. Most people think of being too tired as not getting enough sleep, but you can also be constantly tired if you sleep too much. If you get around 8 hours of sleep each night consistently, you should notice a decrease in these symptoms.

Why are you some times tired after you sleep all night?

You're not totally awake.

What does it mean when you sleep in the day and stay up at night?

you get tired and turn nocturnal

Where do reindeer sleep?

Pretty much whever they are when they get tired. And they can sleep standing up without a lot of difficulty.

Is it seriously bad that you only get 3 hours of sleep a night because you can not sleep at even if your not tired?

Yes, it is. Your body does need rest.

How can you make your eyes less tired without using makeup?

Get more sleep!

What can i do to stop yawning all the time?

The best "medicine" to keep from being tired everyday, is to get more sleep. Some people have sleeping disorders, called Sleep Apnea, and are treatable by several methods, the least obtrusive being using a C-PAP machine to help breathe during sleep. I use one every night and absolutely love this machine - can't sleep without it anymore. My snoring has stopped, and I am getting restful deep sleep (REM Sleep) every night.