How do you make loose marijuana ready to smoke?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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breaking it up into small bits makes the smoke smoother and assures that you smoke it completely, using a grinder gets it to a really nice size, if you're gonna roll a joint, the smaller the bits, the easier it is to roll. for best quality, picture 2 tic-tacs, a little bigger is perfectly fine, and picture about 3 tic tacs of average weed per person to get a nice high, depending on how you smoke it, smoking it out of a pipe wastes less weed, joints or blunts take more

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cut the bud from it and smoke that

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burn and smoke that

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Q: How do you make loose marijuana ready to smoke?
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while being high, can marijuana make you loose control?

How can you make sure that you never take marijuana?

you dont smoke it

What a Pearson can do to make his body system free from marijuana?

Not smoke

Can smoking weed make it where you can not have kids?

Why are you asking this? Do you smoke marijuana?

Can you smoke marijuana with a picc line?

Yes. Keep your picc covered and make sure to wash your hands.

If you smoke pot will it make you not pee?

Smoking marijuana will have no effect on weather or not your urination stays regulated.

Can marijuana make you depressed?

No, I never heard of marijuana making people feel depress and I know lots of people who smoke, and they don't ever get depress.

Is coughing a Physical effects of marijuana?

Technically no. it's a reaction to the inhalation of smoke in general. Wether it's weed smoke, tobacco smoke, wood smoke or anything, it will make you cough if you inhale enough of it.

Does secondhand marijuana smoke make you come up hot on a piss test?

yes, can second hand smoke give you cancer? That answer is yes too.

Can you smoke marijuana if you have a gum infection?

No it will make your infection worse, and besides it is illegal you know, or (at least I hope)

What will make you test positive for Marijuana?

Smoking and/or eating the marijuana plant, or coming into contact with the drug THC. There have been some who say that a faint line will show on the test if you inhale marijuana smoke second hand.

Can smoking marijuana on your period make you sterile?

no but i dont think its smart to smoke it during your period or ever anyway