How do you lock your knees?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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If you keep them locked for long enough, you will pass out. You're restricting the natural flow of blood through your legs. Blood can pool in your lower leg and cause you to pass out.

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If you stand up without bending your knees, you will faint and your knee will automatically lock.

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Q: How do you lock your knees?
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Should you lock your knees while doing a barbell curl?

No no no! Locking your knees while exercising in any way can cause joint problems and hyper-extension. Never lock your knees!

Do you pass out if you lock your knees for fifteen minutes?

yes it has happened to me and was a none to pleasent expeirence

What does to jump with stiff legs mean?

To jump with stiff legs means to lock your knees.

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if theyre locked the whole way through then its a stiff legged deadlift which will target your lower back and hamstrings. in a proper deadlift the knees should lock out at the top of the movement.

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prob tore an acl

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If you faint in a crowd or is about to, get help. after that, get someone who saw you and assist you to seating or first aid to check you. Don't keep staying there. Never lock your knees.

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