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okkk so his your boyfriend and you gotta tell him u wanna kiss him? u mean like guy friend? you need to specify your question more like the person above said be a little more specific if hes ur boyfriend then just give him a little kiss on the lips when he leats expects it if he liked it and wants more he will kiss u back if he duznt then hes not reayd for that yet.......... i hoped this helped..... bye

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Q: How do you let your boyfriend know you want to kiss him but dont wont to tell him flat out or you dont wont to make the first move?
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How do you get your fifth grade Boyfriend to kiss by the way you look?

dont kiss in 5th grade. you only get your first kiss once(:

How do you kiss your boyfriend in middle school for a first kiss?

easy. just kiss anywhere u think is nice. but DONT get caught by the teachers......

What do do if your boyfriend never kiss you first of hug you?

i dont really understand the question. explain?

What do you do with your first boyfriend?

take things slow. dont try to rush and if everything goes ok, he will want to kiss you and you will kiss him if u are ready.

You and your boyfriend keep talking about making out but your boyfriend never tries to kiss you what does this mean?

He's most likely not trying to kiss you because he is unsure if he should. Soo instead of being to 20th century why dont you make the first move and kiss him first! XoXii

What if your boyfriend kiss you?

if he kiss you just go with the flow andd kiss him even if you dont it will help you later on when you wanna kiss him

How do you tell your boyfriend that you want him to kiss you?

kiss him first

When you have your first kiss should your boyfriend kiss you or do you kiss him?

It is sought of up to you. when i got my first kiss i made the first move...

What if your first kiss should it be French kiss or a regular kiss?

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend choose what your first kiss is going to be.

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My first boyfriend and 17

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Kiss his sister first