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Men will usually grow until 21 and in rare cases 25. Females grow usually until 16 and rare cases up to 18.

When someone tells you that your height will be between your parents height, don't believe them. If you have common sense, you'd know that's the stupidest thing ever.

If your always between your parent's height, 10 generations would cause everyone to be less than 4 feet tall. How many people do you know that are not taller than their parents by 21?

Your growth depends on your nutrients, rest, stress and genetics. You can't override your genetics into growing more than your maximum. But you can definitely grow taller than your parents.

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You stop noticing growth usually at about 19 years old. This is the average cut off. However your bones will still be knitting togeter and this will stop at about 26 years old. There is no way to tell when you have sopeed growing. Also noses and ears never stop growing.. :) women usually stop growing one year after they stop their menstro cycle. But my cousic in 33 and she stopped growing at the age of 12. im not too sure about men though.

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When you start shrinking! :)

Actually you can assume growth stops around the age of 25.

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Q: How do you know when you're done growing?
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