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=dear reader,==it is simple to find out if a guy likes you, you ask your best friend (or a close friend) to ask him if he likes you. If this doesn't work then you come right out and ask him. if he thinks you are a stalker (or gives you a weird look) then tell him about your crush. If he is a good friend he will understand=hope my advice works xlove Elle xx-xx

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I think you just no sometimez guyz can play hard to get and you really wanna no if he does or how he feels JUST ask him (but only ask if you have faith he really does care or is nice guy) in the i hope he does care and love you GOOD LUCK :)

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Q: How do you know if guy loves you back?
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How do you know if the guy you love loves you back?

the guy tells you

What if you really love this guy but you don't know if he loves you back what do you do?

Ask him if he likes you.

If you love this guy and you know he loves you to but he also loves his ex and is trying to get back with her.. but he is confused on what to do what should you do?

you're not going to get a very committed relationship out of a guy who doesn't know what he wants. give him some time.

Is it weird if your girlfriend tells her guy friends that she loves them?

It shouldn't be if the guy loves her back.

You love a guy but how do you know if he loves you back?

ask a close friend to ask him how he feels about you it may help!

When a guy that says he loves you says he is going to back off?

I do not know what you are asking... Please, rephrase your question.

How will a bold guy behave when he loves a girl?

Flirt with her, and if she doesn't want to know, the grow back your hair or get a wig!

Is there a song about a girl who loves a guy but might not love her back?

I would say "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen because its about a girl who loves a guy, gives him her number but she isn't sure if he will call her or not (and would let her know if he likes her back).

How do you know that a guy loves you or not?

You kiss him...Then you find out!

How do you know if the guy loves you?

it rlly all depends on the type of guy

How do know if a guy loves me?

When he tells you he loves you and shows it. Don't believe them all...

How you can know that she loves you?

You Know she Loves you when she looks you in the eye say's "I Love You Till The Day I Die" Take it from a guy who tells his girlfriend that everyday and means it and she says it back and we have been together for a year now so that my friend is how you know