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She talks to you frequently, if she is an introvert than by nature she keeps to herself, just letting you into her world is a huge deal. Trust, it takes a lifetime to build and a moment to break.

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It's hard to tell with shy people sometimes. They will blush when you look at them, possibly, or have trouble talking to you. When somebody likes you, however, they like to be around you and find excuses to hang around. Try doing something you know she likes and asking her along with some other friends to come along.

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Q: How do you know if an introvert girl likes you?
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Just ask, seeing as you've got nothing to lose.

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A sentence using the word "introvert" is about a shy person 1. [used as a simile]: * The normally loud girl acted like an introvert during class discussions. 2. [used as a metaphor]: * The normally loud girl is an introvert during class discussions.

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