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I am a girl and I know EXACTLY how to know a girl likes you

(in the 5th grade)

1. She will tease you a lot, and sometimes punch/kick (not hard though),

just to touch you.

2. She will blush a lot if you give her a really nice complement, like "Wow your hair looks really nice today," (trust me, i know).

3. She will stare at you in class and when you look at her she might look away immediately OR she might hold it for a few seconds and then look away.

4. She will want to to play Cops & Robbers, or something like that with you, so she can get you to touch her.

5. She will sit down somewhere and then pretend not to notice that you are sitting right next to her.

6. She will give you (out of all of her friends) her left over Jell-O cup at lunch, or something like that.

7. She will defend, and\or agree to most of your opinions.

8. She will try to get your attention by being the only one to raise her hand for the math question on fractions, or something.

9. She will get her friends to get you to play Truth or Dare with them her and her friends at recess, then get them to dare you to kiss, hug, or ask her out.

10. She will purposely take your seat on the bus or at the lunch table so you will

have to either sit by her, or just gently push her out of the way.

Well, I hope I helped you with your problems!

Oh and by the way, if you go to RBEMS in Stuttgart, Germany, this was done by Sophie McEnroe.

Have a nice day!!

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Joseph Arnold

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No idea

but when I say a joke or something see will bluse and look away ... and she draws me pictures so yeah

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thanks for your answer
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Where did you find that?
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great answer thanks!
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nice ty

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Q: How do you know if a 5th grade girl likes you?
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How do you know if a grade 5 girl likes you?

Okay first of anyone is 5th grade is probably not really ready for a relationship but if she likes you its most def. a crush

How does a 5th grade guy tell a 5th grade girl he likes her?

Hey umm.. your one of the nicest girl i have ever met and i kinda like you

How does a 5th grade boy propose a 5th grade girl?

look i am a 5th grade girl so i know a lot about girls. no affense but i think that 5th grade is not a grade for dating but if you really like the girl then i think that you should tell her how you feel but do not be dramatic about it if i where in your situation i would go up to her and say i have a crush on you and if she says she likes you then ask her out but if she says no then give up it happens all the time just move on

What do you do if a girl randomly kissed you 5th grade?

it means she is a stripper or likes you, maybe

If a 5th grade boy is a 5th grade girl ex and he says thangs mean but the girl likes hi what does the girl say?

take advise from a guy well if you like him you should try to be friends with him and ask who he likes and he will tell you but you have to be good friends

How do you know if a 5 grade girl likes you?

well i just came from the 5th grade last year and im a girl so i would say if she likes you she will be shy around you and will always try to sit talk or be around you and she will probably stare at you when your not looking lol.

How does a 5th grade girl tell if a 7th grade boy likes her?

if he firlts with u and things of dat nature.

How do you get a 5th grade girl who likes for looks?

She'll grow up to be a meanie. Don't date her.

How do you get a boy in 6th grade to kiss a 5th grade girl?

first you have to know each other. Than you have to talk to each other. and than one day if he says he likes you than you can just kiss him

Do you beat up somebody who likes the girl you like in 5th grade?

no that's just wrong dude

How do you know if a girl is cheating on you in 5th grade?

In order to know that ask her besties they will know for sure.

What will a girl think of me if a spend 40 dollars on her for Valentine's Day she doesnt know i like her yet and some say she likes me others say she doesnt. im in 5th grade if grade if that helps?

If you want her to know that you like her ok do it, but if you don't just don't.