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Okay first of anyone is 5th grade is probably not really ready for a relationship but if she likes you its most def. a crush

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Q: How do you know if a grade 5 girl likes you?
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How do i know that a girl likes you in grade 5?

Well, she might hang around with you, and she will laugh at your jokes,well maybe the jokes.

How do you know if a 5 grade girl likes you?

well i just came from the 5th grade last year and im a girl so i would say if she likes you she will be shy around you and will always try to sit talk or be around you and she will probably stare at you when your not looking lol.

How do you know if a boy in your grade 5 class likes you?

Usually if they tease you or they are mean to you.

Find out if a grade 5 boy likes you?

Ask him out

How do you know if a boy likes you in 5 grade?

He will talk to u a lot and ask for ur number. then he will constantly text you and call you.

You really like this girl and im in fourth grade and shes in sixth you broke up but you think she still likes you when you were dating she kissed you 5 times?

ok. i dont know how to answer this question, but... HOW IN THE WORLD DID U GET A 6TH GRADE GIRLFRIEND IN 4th. i giv you props man

How do you get a girl in 6th grade to like you you are in grade 5 she used to like me but now kind of not now I don't know why what do I do?

bring her some snacks like cookies and a drink and let her know you want to be friends again. If she stopped liking you completely it might be because she now likes older boys but you can still be her friend.

How do you know if a girl who you like not like you?

Well to know if a girls likes u just keep a eye on her and if she looks at u more than 5 times she likes u and if she flirts with u she likes u a lot! Umm if a girl doesn't like then she would kinda look at u funny. I know because I am a girl!!!

What if you're a girl in grade 6 and a boy in grade 5 likes you?

Im sure its just a puppy-dog crush (when someone likes you but its just short-term) but that's no reason you guys can be friends. You never know, you might end up liking him back and hten youd start going out but it all depends on how you feel towards him really...

How do you do grade 5 math?

when u get to grade 5 u will know how to

Is it normal for a girl in fifth grade to be 168 pounds that is 5'5 and eleven years old?

I really don't know in fifth grade i was 5' and my weight was 110

How tall is a 6th grade girl suppous to be?

I am a sixth grade girl, so I can help. I'm nearly 5 ft tall. I know girls who are much taller and shorter than I am. But I'm smack in the middle.

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