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water absorption form where.

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Q: How do you increase water absorbtion?
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The thermosphere is characterized by a drastic increase in temperature What is the reason for this increase?

Absorbtion of ultra violet rays from the sun.

What is imbibition?

Absorbtion, generally of water, and usually by plants.

Primary region of food and water absorbtion?

small intestine

Absorbtion of water by plant is an example of?

Absorption of water by plants is a form of diffusion called osmosis.

How is salt altered?

Salt is stable; but absorbtion of water transform sodium chloride into a solution.

What happen if you placed a piece of rubber in water?

water absorbtion, with an intensity depending on the type of rubber; rubber is not soluble in water and don't react with water

Why can plants withstand the increased amount of water that may flow inside their cells?

Because plants have a higher absorbtion rate of water

How can you limit run-off?

you can limit runoff by not wasting water like conserve the water that you don't use

What is the function of the prop roots?

the function of the prop root is achor the plant to the ground & absorb water

Why is it important for a solar cell to reflect as little light as possible?

Less reflection, more absorbtion. More absorbtion, greater efficiency.

Why does water move into the ground to create groundwater?

Through porous rock mostly. Also through caves and cracks in the rock.

Why digestion is not completed inside your stomach?