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Revenge is a way at getting back at YOURSELF. However, if you behave honestly and well, it reflects on your good character and you win. The problem is your husband's choice to be with the mistress. Take action to make him solve the issue--either he is totally with you or not.

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you cant. they win. OR you can get a new matress a fishing boat and change you name to Peterson. women win. men will lose.

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Q: How do you get even with the mistress?
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If a married man told his ex mistress when I see you I am going to think about what we did does that mean he does not think about it when he goes home knowing he was caught cheating?

Men who decide to have a mistress do so mainly because the excitement of secretly meeting that mistress and the long and short of it is ... it is all about sex. The mistress is often used and seldom does a married man ever marry his mistress. The wife generally wins out if she catches him cheating or, even if he and his wife divorce most men seldom marry their mistress and prefer their freedom. Of course he will think of the sexual relationship he had with you even when he is home, but sex and cheating does not mean he loves his mistress. Men who have mistresses are often arrogant; self indulged and selfish and have little regard as to how he could hurt his wife and use the mistress.

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Is it right for a wife to have his husband back even if he abandons her and their kids and lives with his mistress even had kids with his mistress and he also doesn't know how to handle money?

No, she shouldn't take him back or have his back. He deserves the same respect he gave her and their kids, NONE.

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Who is responsible on stopping the harassment the wife is receiving by the mistress the other woman or the married man who had the affair?

Women by nature are jealous of the other woman so they have a tendency to blame the mistress in the affair and even when the mistress harasses the wife, but it is the husband in this case that should stop the harassment because he started it all. Get tough with the husband and ignore the mistress; the ball is in his court.

Why would a married man tell his mistress how much he cant stand his wife and thinking about leaving her even though the mistress never said anything about the two of them being together?

because he wants to talk about it

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