How do you get a skater guy?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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im a skater guy so i beleive i can answer this question quite well. so we really like when girls wear the color mustard. also, i enjoy girls who dont like to skate i prefer the surfer type. something you could do to impress me could be like sniffing my butt like a dog, i find it very smoothing and very attractive

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Well , the guy I like is a skater , and he's also one of my best friends . I don't mean to label people , but he kinda goes after the scene/emo girls . Don't dress too dark or cut yourself , caouse he'll think you're a poser ! He also goes after tha beach lovers , the girls who like to hangout in tha sun && surf . Well , I hope I helped !

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Q: How do you get a skater guy?
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How do you get a older guy that is a skater?

Learn to skate

What to wear on a date with a skater guy?

Something punk

How do you know he is a skater guy?

If he is often seen using a skateboard.

What is a good skater nickname for a guy named Nabil?

depends on the guy's qualities, Nabi? Nabif?

Do skater guys like skater girls?

No I think yes, mainly all of the girls I know are falling for skater guys. I think YES! It really depends on the type of girl. Some do, some don't.

Where do you find your dream guy after he leaves you for your best friend on Miss Popularity?

In the theater of the school. what if he is a skater guy? i checked and he is not there help!

Do girl like when guy dress skater or preppy?

I personally like the preppy look:)

What present do i get for your dream guy on miss popularity?

It depends on who your dream guy is. If he's athletic then get the jersey with th number on it or whatever. the headband thing is for the skater i believe.

What female ice skater performed to funeral for a friend?

I remember a Polish guy skating to that in the Europeans in 1986, 1987...

Who is Sam Cunnington?


Is a skater a punk?

No a skater not a punk.

What characteristics do a skater guy wants in a girl?

I have asked my self that very question before. I have learned that not all skater boys go for the same kind of girl. They are just like any other guy they have their typ of girl that they go after. You just have to try to get to know the guy to see what he seems to be most into when it comes to girls. Maybe try to see what typ of girls he has gone out with in the past and just be the best person you can be.