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Something punk

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Q: What to wear on a date with a skater guy?
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What is the best outfit to wear on a date?

it depends on how the guy is or how you feel

How do you get a older guy that is a skater?

Learn to skate

What should a date wear to the Marine Corps ball?

if its a date and they dont have blues then a guy should wear a tux or suit and a girl should wear a really nice dress

Will Justin Bieber date a skater?

Of course! He's also a skater too! You guys will have a great connection.

Is it appropriate to wear jeans on a first date?

That would depend on where your going and who the guy is. Certainly it's never good to wear rough, wholly jeans on a first date.

How do you know he is a skater guy?

If he is often seen using a skateboard.

What is a good skater nickname for a guy named Nabil?

depends on the guy's qualities, Nabi? Nabif?

Would a skater boy date a black girl?


What is the difference between an ice-skater and a ballerina?

an ice skater performs on ice, whereas a ballerina performs on a stageice skaters wear skates, ballerinas wear pointe shoes/ballet shoes

Why do people thinks of skaters in bad ways?

I dont know but I think that it is because some stupid skaters think they have to do drugs and smoke to be a skater. I think that to be a skater you just have to skate board and maybe wear skater clothing. (and you dont have to wear your pants on the ground that is just dumb)

Why do ice skater have outfits?

Ice skater have outfits because when they compet in a competition its much better to wear nice dresses and when you skate it is much easier.

Do skater guys like skater girls?

No I think yes, mainly all of the girls I know are falling for skater guys. I think YES! It really depends on the type of girl. Some do, some don't.