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make her feel guilty eg talk about how sad you would feel if someone cheated on you with someone else, the ask her questions like: my boyfriend would never do that would he? then if she doesnt answer just tell her you know about her and your boyfriend. improvise from then on. i did and it went great! xD

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You should approach him quietly and privately and ask him to explain. If necessary you should ask him to talk about it with your mother. It is not fair for your father to expose her to harm via STDs. She should be given the opportunity to make a decision about whether to work on the marriage or end it.

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Real cool. You never know your mom might have gave him the green light.

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Q: How do you confront the girl your boyfriend is cheating with?
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What happens when your boyfriend is saying i miss you to another girl?

What happens is, you confront him, & if he cheating then you'll know what to do.

What if a girl likes your boyfriend?

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

Is it wrong to confront your girlfriends ex boyfriend who is also her best friend if you think shes cheating on you with him?

No, But if you have a feeling she is cheating on you then you are probably right

Your boyfriend lives with his ex and sleeps in the same bed as her is he cheating on you?

YES!!! Confront him & tell him he can't do that!

Is my boyfriend cheating when I accidentally read his text where this girl was asking for a dirty picture and my boyfriend asked why and at the end said he didn't mind one only?

Just because people are flirting on the Internet and they are already going with someone it is cheating. Your boyfriend has no right to be in touch with this girl. If you are wise you would confront him about this and let him know you accidentally saw the text and read it and you are not putting up with it. Ask him how he would like you doing the same to him.

How can you confront another girl's boyfriend?

you could try acting natural and not flirt with him.

If your boyfriend is caught cheating?

If your boyfriend hasn't had sex with the girl that you caught him cheating with well you are on your own now:-). PS I would go up to girl and show her that she should be afraid of you.

Why do girls get mad if another girl answers their boyfriend's phone?

Because, in girl logic, another girl (who is not the boyfriend's sister, mother, or other female relative) answering their boyfriend's phone typically means that he is cheating with this other girl, or he's actually been cheating on this other girl with her.

How do you break into cheating boyfriends razr passcode?

Whether your boyfriend is cheating or not you have no business breaking into his razr passcode and it is an illegal act. Since you feel he is cheating then confront him about it or, you could catch him red-handed because if he is cheating online then he is probably cheating someone where you live.

When you know your boyfriend is cheating on you with girl you know what should you do?

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

Are you cheating if your single and slept with a girl who has a boyfriend?

No, the girl is cheating. You´re just an a s s h o l e.

I am 10 years old I like a girl buy she has a boyfriend what do I do?

Confront her, wait, or move on.