How do you catch hiptoxic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is spread from one person to another and there is a lot of tension between the people and they will have grown apart, it is most likely to be caught of an old best friend.

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Q: How do you catch hiptoxic?
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What is hiptoxic?

Hiptoxic is a disease that can last up to a week, the symptoms are hot inside, tense and stressed. It mainly happens to girls aged 10-18. When you are outside you will loose your hearing with the people you spend most of your time with that are close to you e.g. Friends. It can not happen with your family by blood as they have some genes alike to you. It can only happen in daylight hours around 8am to 4pm.

How do you cure hiptoxic?

To cure hiptoxic you need to be able to hold your breathe and stay under water for up to five minutes. The most amount of time it could last is 1 week and then your body will decide whether you can fight it off. Then it will either be permanent. The average age is 10-18 and is mainly in girls. The last outbreak was 1997 in Scandinavia. The only other way to cure it is if you live in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales is drink from a naturally formed spring, river. The reason only in these places is it has a special kind of mineral. There has been research that any type of potato in any form e.g. chips, jacket potatoes and potato wedges will also cure hiptoxic in around an hour and definitely 24hours.

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