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because there all about health.

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Q: How do the life skills relate to the 6 components of health?
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Are there main components of your social health?

Yes, the main components of social health include relationships with others, social support networks, and effective communication skills. Maintaining positive relationships, seeking help when needed, and good communication are essential for a healthy social life.

How does the Ottawa Charter relate to Life Be in it campaign?

Ottawa Charter is a global health promotion that is ran by the world health organization. It has five action areas called developing personal skills, supporting the environments, strengthening the community and building a healthy world.

What are two components of skill related fitness?

health relatedv fitness components are those that are needed in every day life]

What is a life skill What are the 9 life skills?

life skills are skills that help you deal with situation's that can affect your health. the 9 life skills are assessing your health, making good decisions, being a wise consumer, communicating effectively, practicing wellness, setting goals, using refusal skills , coping, and evaluating media messages.

How does health relate to your life?

DEFINITELY! Health does relate to your life! Did you ever hear the saying "you are what you eat," well that saying is true. If you eat lots of junky foods, then you will become heavy or overweight. Some people choose to be heavy or overweight because they want to die, so they eat lots of unhealthy foods. so health definitely relates to your health. Sources: health class

How can completing a health behavior inventory help you practice life skills?


How would you relate the importance of reproductive health in achieving a satisfying and safe sex?

importance in achieving satisfying and safe sex life

What type of health skills are described in this statement you find healthful ways to ease and manage pressure in your life?

(Apex) Stress management skills.

Which life skill would you use to evaluate how your actions affect your health?

Explain how you could ues the commuicating effectiely life skills

You find healthful ways to ease and manage pressure in your daily life. What type of health skills are described in this statement?

(Apex) Stress management skills.

What is the essential components of a good life?

what are the components to have a good life

How can you relate operations on whole numbers in your daily life?

how do whole number relate to everday life