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Explain how you could ues the commuicating effectiely life skills

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Q: Which life skill would you use to evaluate how your actions affect your health?
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How can motivation affect skill acquisition?

Motivation can affect skill acquisition by speeding up the processes of acquiring the skill. The more motivated the person, the more likely he or she is to work hard at gaining the skill.

How does Cosby's physical limitations affect his skill at football?

How did Cosby's physical limita- tions affect his skill at football?

Is muscular endurance health related or skill related?


How is skill and wellness related?

they are part of health

How are health related fitness and skill related fitness alike?

Skill is a particular motor pattern is one component of many in health-increasing fitness.

How does friction and gravity affect your skill when bowling?

Friction and gravity affect your score, but not your skill.'Skill' is your ability to account for the effects of friction and gravity,while you plan the eventual outcome that you want to achieve.

How does skill matrix of HR look?

This includes five steps: a) Identify all the attributes and skill required in the job of that person. b) Quantify the level of achievements. c) Train the person on the given skill and attributes. d) Evaluate and judge the status. e) If behind the maximum level, retrain and evaluate.

Saying no effectively is part of which health skill?


How is life skill and wellness related?

they are part of health

Why is historical imagination a good skill to have?

To better understand the reasons for people's actions.

How do health related physical fitness and skill related physical fitness different?

they have same related skill

Is it easier to improve skill related fitness or health related fitness?

skill related my opinion!