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Disappointed, angry, upset, and sometimes indifferent. It all depends on the parents. For the most part, parents are not usually thrilled when finding out that their teen is sexually active.

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Q: How do parents feel when they find out their teen is sexually active?
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What do you do if your parents find out you are a very sexually active with many men?

You tell them the truth... nothing else to do

How do you become sexually active?

Find a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, and take it from there.

Is it okay to not tell your parents you are sexually active?

That is fine so long as you a practicing safe sex and are prepared to take care of any possible consequences yourself such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Pregnancy. Are you prepared to have a baby come into this world whom you must find the money to support? yes. you should tell your parents immediately. it is very important. You are between a rock and a hard place. You feel your parents will become upset if you are honest, and you may be forced out of the relationship. Hiding will be difficult now that you have opened up, so that's more tension on you both. Be truthful to yourself. If you tell or not, you will probably continue to have sex. What do you think?

Does it matter if you say no to your doctor about sexual activity when you have a bladder infection?

Your doctor may want to consider sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia in the differential diagnosis of your problem. If you are not sexually active, the doctor does not need to check for chlamydia which is a common cause of urethritis.If you feel you can't be honest with your doctor, you might want to find another doctor with whom you can.

If you were taken away from your parents for 2 weeks how would you feel?

i would feel like i shoukld find away out

Is there any way of preventing your parents from knowing you're sexually active?

yes, the day after you have lost your virginity you start to get a little "cocky" and that can sometimes give it away. Unless you do it at home and leave clues to suggest that you're sexually active it will be very difficult for them to know. Ways for them to find out: * Leave condom/pills where they can see them. * Do it at home or any other place where they might be at the same time. * Have friends/family members or anyone else who knows about it tell them. Whatever you do - be safe and use birth controls.

Why do adopted children search for their birth parents?

They feel like they need to find them in order to feel like they belong again.

What makes a seven year old male child to be sexual active and is it normal?

No it is NOT normal!! A seven yr old is just a child! They should not even know about being sexually active. I would ask him if someone has done something harmful to him. If you can't talk to him find someone (a counselor) that can. Maybe he was sexually abused, and he is acting out. Please get HELP AND FAST!!

Can you get diseases from being Bisexual?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) don't care if your partner is male or female. If you are sexually active with either sex (or both) -- use protection. Also find a free clinic so you can get tested occasionally for STDs. They don't always have obvious symptoms.Please play safe!

What did you feel like when you were first told that you were adopted?

I'm not adopted but I think I would feel a sense of madness but also I would be happy to find my real parents. I think whoever types in this question should go find their parents you know just to see who really created you. They must mean something like how you feal about you adopted parents before you were told.

How do you find out who sexually abused your gf?

ask her .................

My skin on my vagina inner lips are peeling and it is irritated and starting to cut what can be the cause of this I am sexually active and we believe it may be the condoms we are using?

i dont use condoms i my vagina does the same thing .. i cant find any answers for why it does