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guys dont know that they r in love with u until ....u leave them ...then they realize and after that they cling to u

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men will usually act shy, nervous, or confused because they're not sure about what they're feeling yet because it's a new and powerful feeling.

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He could fall in love with her at first sight -

When he finds her:



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Q: How do men act when they are falling in love?
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Men and women fall in love for a variety of reasons. Falling in love is part of human nature.

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Men and women fall in love for a variety of reasons. Falling in love is part of human nature.

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Falling for you, i would say, is a way of saying "I'm falling in love with you". It also seems to carry the connotation that one is falling, uncontrollably, into love. It indicates the act of the 'fall' into a state of love for somebody.

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