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Getting Sick

Falling in love

Getting hurt

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Q: What causes a grown man to act like a child?
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What does a 10 year old female act like?

Still like a child of course, but starting to believe they are "grown up", but scared, need parental support less, less likely to believe every thing they hear. childhood last such a short time, encouragement to act child like is still appropriate.

Why is it your wife acts like a child?

wife act like a child

Did Amelia Earhart act like a tomboy when she was a child?

Yes she act like a tomboy when she was a child because she like to do what boys doing.

Why can't adults act like they should?

Adults always act exactly as they should. By virtue of being grown up they get to define for themselves what being grown up means, therefore however they act is exactly how grownups are supposed to act.

Who is the most child like person in the black veil brides?

well, technicly speaking it's Andy because he is the youngest out of the lot but they all act grown up so none of them really.

What does similac breath mean?

You haven't grown up. You still act like a baby.

Does Justin Bieber still act like a child?


What part of speech is the word act?

Act is a noun (an act of kindness) and a verb (she acts like a child).

How do you deal with adults that act like children to get their way and make family events uncomfortable?

I would say of they are acting like a child then treat them like a child.

What process in which shaking the ground causes soil to act like a liquid?


What if grown children put guilt on dad because of divorce when they were young and don't allow him a girlfriend?

Grown children have no right to prevent Dad from finding happiness. Grown children need to act like adults and lead their own lives.

Why do certain societies act like they are oblivious to child labor?

because they want the products