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just punch her kick her fight back because if she doesnt care to hurt you don't be afraid to hurt her its that simple but DONT GET COUGHT HURTING THE LIL ONE you will get i a lot of trouble by your parent

If she hates you and you did nothing don't at ALL say sorry and if she is being mean here are some helpful sayings. HEY DONT SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! or... STOP BOSSING ME AROUND! or... STOP BEING SO MEAN. But don't punch her i know u want to but please don't.


Well, a better way to solve it is ask her why she hates you so much, if you have a little sister that would be real easy, buy her a few simple toys she might like then she'll warm up to you, (Tip: Always have time to play with her, because if you don't she might think you're not a good sister.)

If you have a bigger sister, then you should just talk to your mother about when you we're little, if you're sister thinks you got all the attention away from her after you we're born then that means she does hate you but, don't worry you can do something nice for her, like bake her something she likes to eat or buy her, her favourite band or singer stuff like that, it makes them feel special and it's great for improving your relationship with your sister.

But, if your mother says that she liked taking care of you when you we're little then that caring person won't go away, as you grow and grow it will NEVER change. If she's always being mean to you, that means it's just her way of showing how much she cares for and loves you, don't take it seriously because you know yourself that she's just trying to joke around.

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1. give her what she wants..... what if she always gets what she wants: say dont make me tickle you and get a big funny scary face then tickle her till she becomes happy

2.just say hey don't be mad im gonna by you a big balloon or whatever she likes iu always say something like that but she or he will probably forget so..

hope you like my answer

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You can cheer her up by singing at her if you can sing if not she will just laugh at her which will make you happy. it really depends what you have done i mean if i was mean to my brother or sister I would leave them to cool down first then i would do her a favor and do what ever she wanted to do for the day if it getting ice cream or going to the movies. Let her choose on the TV for once let her take her mind off it before you take you action.

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Q: How do make a sister happy when she is mad?
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