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When girls are mad at a guy, it makes the guy insecure. They don't like feeling insecure. To fix their problem they try to make you happy.

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Q: Why do guys try to make you happy when you are mad at them?
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What do you do if your crush gets mad at you for talking to other guys?

Make him jealous and try to flirt with other guys to make him so mad so that he might have an interest and talk to you more

How do you make a girl stay happy?

You should make her feel special and try not to make her mad.

Fat girls like which guys?

Two types: Some fat girls lie the video game addicts guys and stuff. Other fat girls, who are so stupid and call guys fat when they need to look in the mirror, like the popular and good looking guys. :) Most guys are mean and usually they try to make themselves happy by making others mad and sad so probably the shy ones

What do you do when your dad is extremely mad at you and saying sorry wont help?

well if your dad is mad at you then try making him a nice apologizing card! or make his favorite breakfast. talk to your mom about what happened and maybe she can work it out with your dad. at least try to something to make him happy, then maybe he will finally apologize for being rough on you!

Are mood swings controllable?

Yes. It depends on the person an how to control it. Breathe deeply and think happy thoughts if you are mad. Try to mostly be happy. If depression comes along sometime, try to surround yourself with other people that will make you happy. Surrounding yourself with nice people can have its good. Always try to be strong! I hope I have helped!

What happen if someone is mad at you?

I think if someone is mad at you then you should try talk about it with that person and if it is your fault maybe you should say sorry and asked if there is anything to make them happy because I believe that everyone should be treated fairly.

How do you keep your mom from getting mad?

follow what she says, listen... don't be a baby about it. she will understand, but you must try to make it better.

What do you do in the ds game Nintendogs when your dog is mad at you?

It's not like it will hold a grudge on you forever. You should try to make it happy. To do so, feed it treats, and play with it with toys.

What does Mathilde's husband do to try to make her happy?

He gets an invitation to a ball.

Why guys call girls sometimes madam?

They do because I guess they think they can win you over with it and if they did something you are mad at them for, they will try to make it up to you by calling you madam. Also because they sometimes are respectful.

What to do if your mad at your boyfriend?

The best thing to do if you are mad at your boyfriend, is to remember all the good things about them. Remember the things that make you laugh, and smile. What they do that makes you happy. Step back and assess the situation, and make sure that you really are as mad as you think you are. You wouldn't want to do anything that would mess things up between you. If its a big problem, try and talk about it. Try not to yell, and ask questions, to make sure you aren't wrong about the entire situation.

If a guy knows your mad at him for whatever reason will he try to make eye contact to win your forgiveness?

yes i believe so.... guys are just weird like that.... they will Mae you mad and then they will try to when you back with sweet stuff like eye contact.... you will know it if you talk to him and he never makes eye contact and finally now he does..... this is what they do.....