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you can feel it between the two people. they will care for each other and hope the best for each other always. they put each other before them and always do whats best for the other.

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Q: How do know when 2 people like each other?
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How do you know if a guy likes you yet unknown to one other?

Sometimes people will begin to like each other and not even know it themselves. When this happens, they often tend to want to be with each other, talk to each other, and talk about each other when with other people.

How many people like each other?

Alot of people like each other because their are so many people out in the world

Why do people like each other?

They just have a nice feeling about one person and they like that person!! You should probably know that by now!!!!!!

How do you know if Siamese fighters like each other?

they will pay attention to each other

When you and a boy like each other but you dont know anything about each other?

Get to know things about each other. Talk to him communication is the key?and don't be SHY!;)

Are miley and Selena nice to each other?

There is no way to know for sure, but what most people do know is that Miley and Selena are very nice people, and if they didn't really like each other, they would probably just stay out of each others way. You can not be sure they hate each other because of what you saw on Hannah Montana (Michaela And Hannah/Miley hate each other)

When you die do you know each other as on earth?

I believe so but you just don't look like anything people know you from their heart. That is my opinion.

How did Sally meet Amy Rose?

all girls know each other just like old people

How do you get two people together when you know they like each other but wont admit it?

Plant an extra person between them

How do you get people to talk to each other when they are not talking to each other?

Because the people that talk about other people like them

How do you know his feelings This guy i like has been staring at me in the halls and in our classes we always manage to end up beside each other I barely know him but it feels like we really do?

there is some spark there.. sounds like yall like each other so just get to know him. if he is always looking at you he has to like you. people don't just stare for no reason.

Do the sprouse twins like each like?

They like each other as family... NOT like gay people!!!