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You have to go to heaven then come back with another live.

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Q: How do heal a cut in the back of your throat?
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What can heal a sore throat?

get a spoon of honey leen your head back and let the honey dribble over the back of your mouth to your throat from the spoon in your mouth, DO NOT SWALLOW stay like this for 90 seconds then drink some warm water and your sore throat should be fine :) hope this helps x

When was Cut-throat Records created?

Cut-throat Records was created in 1978.

What are throat slits?

A throat slit is when you have a cut. Its just another word for it. But a deeper cut thn a cut....

What is meant by the term 'cut throat'?

The term 'cut throat' usually refers to a shave. A 'cut throat' shave is usually carried out with a blade, rather than a built up razor, and as the blade is run along the throat a simple slip could cut the throat.

How long is a cut throat flume that is 3 feet wide at the throat?

A cut throat flume that is 3 feet wide at the throat comes with a 9-foot length

How long does it take a cut to heal?

The time it takes a cut to heal depends on the severity or it and how deep it is. A simple paper cut will usually heal in a few days. A deeper gash that requires stitches can take up to a month to fully heal.

Should i use peroxide or alcohol to heal my cut?

u can use noth... they both make your cut heal!

How can i heal a soar throat fast?

You can heal a sore throat quickly by drinking lots of fluids, gargling warm, salt water and sucking on throat lozenges. Tea with honey added to it is also a good way to calm the irritation. Good luck!

What about your nerve being cut during surgery Does it ever heal?

Yes, a nerve that is cut during surgery will eventually heal.

Does goldschlager cut your throat?


Is it against the law to threaten to cut your brother in laws throat?

It is against the law to threaten to cut anyone's throat.

Does a dogs tongue grow back after it is cut?

If it is a minor wound it will heal on its own. But if it is something that looks serious or to be concerned over you should take the cat to the vet a.s.a.p.