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Please take your all Medication seperatly because they will not help you.

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Q: How can you tell if your medication will interfere with your other medications?
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What is am medication dosage?

thats the dose of a certain medication you take of a morning. with some medications your dose will be different . always check your prescription and it will tell you how much you will need to take.

Bipolar Disorder can be Treated With Medication?

Bipolar disorder can be treated with medication, but it can take time to find just the right combination of medications. A psychiatrist will evaluate your symptoms and determine which types of medications can be beneficial. Take your medication exactly as prescribed, and tell your doctor if you start to feel worse or have thoughts of suicide or harming yourself or others. Continue taking your medication, even if you start to feel better.

Is it important a doctor that you are on birth control for a minor surgery?

Yes you need to tell the doctor about ALL medication you are on including medications that you bought over the counter.

What blood pressure medication for a 13 year old?

It seems unlikely that someone who is 13 would need blood pressure medications. And if someone that age did need blood pressure medication, only your doctor can tell you what is appropriate!

How do doctors know if you are on birth control?

Doctors will know that you are on birth control when you tell them. It is wise to tell your doctor that you are birth control, as it is wise to tell them that you are taking any other medications as well. By telling your doctor that you are on birth control it will help when you need treatment or need to take any other medications such as antibiotics(penicillin, amoxicillin), because there are medications that can lower the effectiveness of your birth control.

Can I take Xanax Prozac and Chantix together?

I would advise that you not do it until you talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Chantix is known to have some serious side effects, and before you take it, tell your doctor or pharmacist about other medications you take-- these medications could interact negatively with the Chantix and cause problems for you.

Can you take add meds without a prescription if I already take lamictal for epilepsy?

The only advice I can give you is to ask your doctor or your pharmacist. Only they will know what dosage of Lamictal you are taking, and what other medication you are thinking of taking. They are qualified to know what you should do. They can tell you if you can use any other medications and what can be taken with Lamictal.

Why is it important not to touch medication when administering them?

Without knowing exactly what meds you're talking about all I can tell you is a lot of medications can be ruined by excess moisture, and handling them would transfer any water, oils, or sweat from your hands on to them

Can a spouse give her prescribed meds to her husband?

It is not a good idea to try someone else's medication prescribed by a doctor. There is often different doses (example:) thyroid medications. It is wiser to see your doctor for the medication, or, you can phone the pharmacist where you get your prescriptions filled (not charge) and tell them that you and your wife take the same medication and can you take her medication if you should run out of it. They have both of you on their computer and they will tell you whether you can or not. It is highly dangerous take or give anyone a medication without a doctor first seeing them.

Can anyone tell me if there is a interaction between the two of these drugs sertraline and cyclobenzaptine?

they are two of the safest medications known to man. but if you are concerned, you need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist, because you need medication counseling.

Do you need to stop all medication you are taking before you go under anesthesia?

No, you should tell your anaesthesiologist all the drugs you're taking and he'll tell you what you should stop, and how much time before the intervention. Some medications should be taken and others should not. It is important to discuss this with your anesthesiologists. Do not interrupt medications unless your anesthesiologist or surgeon recommends it.

What conditions are contraindicated for taking penicillins?

Those with allergies, on a low sodium diet, on other medications, who have other medical problems should tell their physician.