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Here are some ways: * By trying things that are hard for you and finding out you can do them. * By accomplishing things that make you feel proud of yourself. * By working hard and gaining exceptional skill or proficiency in some one thing. * By gaining education to deepen and broaden your knowledge and to acquire a credential that others will recognize. * By making a wise choice of model or mentor to help guide your decisions. * By acting in ways that earn the respect of others--and give you self-respect. * By being well prepared so you know what you're doing and don't fear that you might look foolish. * By dressing in a way that makes you look good and also look competent and strong, not babyish and helpless. * By knowing who you are and knowing what things can't hurt you. * By learning to take care of yourself.

You build muscles of confidence the same way you build physical muscles: by working out, trying challenges, practicing, and keeping at it. You'll feel those muscles growing. And the more confident you get, the more confident you can get.

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Well first of all this sounds kind of crazy but stand up straight. You notice you feel better about yourself like when your walking with your head up high. Also don't be afraid to speak your mind (unless your questioning yourself: is this stupid to say?) next! Stop being a follower and be a leader! Talk to more people... And if guys/girls is the problem... Who cares about what they think.. They will like you so much more if you have a smile on your face, walk up to them, have something interesting to say and have a nice convo (make sure they know who you are) and don't be awkward keep going and never be like looking down or up or to the side always look straight at them never say "ughh" or "sooo" or "umm" that makes them think your boring if you can't think of anything to say be like nice talking to you! Bye! Hope this helped!

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Watch The King's Speech - it may help.

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Q: How can you make yourself confident when you are too shy?
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What if you want to ride him but your too shy?

Just take control and be confident of yourself

How can shy girls be more social and not shy around guys?

Get out more and hang with the guys. I used to be extremely shy too, but once I hit high school everything changed.Improve your looks. If you are confident in your looks and how you feel about yourself, it will improve your shyness and make yourself feel confident enough to hang and be one of the guys.

How do you you talk to a girl on the phone?

Be polite, courteous, and confident, but above all be yourself. Tell her about things you like and see what you have in common. Make sure you listen, but don't be too shy.

How can you not be shy?

Hi, Too not be shy is about changing your mindset. Shyness can be directly related to low confidence and self-esteem. If you can transform your mind so that you can think that you are above and not below anyone, you should be able to break out of your shell a bit more. One tip here is to make affirmations to yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and speak out aloud "I am confident" or "I am no longer shy but out-going and confident" every morning, you should start to see some results real soon.

How do you start conversation or befriend a shy person while you have Asperger's Syndrome and are shy yourself?

just don't be shy say something make a move and maybe he'll come to u too

What if you don't have friends?

I take it you are shy?Well, just remember that nobody is ever perfect and everyone is wierd in some way.So it's only because you are not confident in yourself. you worry too much.So it's really an act that you will have to personally do because nobody is going to try if they know you wont.So just chill and be yourself. Be confident in yourself and everything you do.People will start to notice... you need to get up off your butt and make some friends

How do you make a shy guy feel comfortable on the first date?

Show him you are interested in him. Do not talk about yourself too much, but focus on talking about him.

Why dont guys tell you when they like you?

Most guys are either too shy to make the first move or scared of rejection. Drop hints here or there and if your really confident tell him you like him instead.

How do you talk to your shy crush if your shy too?

Well you could give them a note or could talk to them as if he is a friend. If you find yourself stuck on what to say just think what would you say to a friend or If you know what they like then you can talk about it to them and see what they say and if you know there shy and they look shy then just make them laugh by saying "don't worry about being shy I am too it's nothing to worry about"

How would you ask a girl out randomly?

Be confident and don't be shy! Maybe get to know her first, become her friend and see if she's into you too.

Why are we confident?

People can be confident, and some can be too confident (if you know what I mean). People that are confident are this because family members or friends support them, and give him/her comments about what they do or say. It's really what you tell yourself or what others say to you.

What do you do if you are too shy to tell a guy you like him?

Talk to him and be yourself. If he likes you, great. If not, move on.