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  • You can eat carrots.
  • You can go outside more.
  • You can stop staring at your T.V./computer screen for so long.
  • You can stop rubbing your eyes, even if they're itchy.

The carrot one doesn't work It was on the news

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Q: How can you improve your eye sight?
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Do tomatoes improve eye sight?


How to improve eye sight?

by eating carrots

Who can you improve your eye sight?

Carrots.I said this to a million people THEY DONT WORK!An optician can improve your eye sight, by supplying you with glasses or contact lenses, after an eye test, if you need them.

Does having bad eye sight improve your hearing?


Does reading improve eye sight?

Yes it certianly does

How do you improve our eye sight?

Wear glasses or contact lenses

How do you improve you eye sight?

Wear glasses or contact lenses

What foods help improve eye sight?

Food that help improve- Carrots, carrot juice and beets

What exactly is Ultralase used for?

Ultralase is an opticians company which provides laser operations which can improve your eye sight. These laser operations heal people from bad eye sight.

How can you improve your eye sight for night?

It might help to eat carrots every day.

How do you make your eye sight better?

Well, I don't know that much about that, but I do know that you should never cross your eyes or stare, this can damage your eyes, and eating carrots can improve your eye sight.

How do you improve a deteriorating eyesight?

The first step is to find out just what is causing your eye sight to deteriorate.