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Q: How can you fall alseep instantly?
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Can you fart and not know it?

you can wen your alseep

Can you tell diestinces when your falling alseep?

No you can't.

How do you make someone fall asleep instantly?


What commercials will air during Super Bowl 2009?

Valium, for all those who prefer to fall alseep during superbowl! Guaranteed to allow you the peace and quiet of superbowl free headaches!

How many years was Sleeping Beauty alseep for?

100 years

Why can't we jump off a cliff?

because we will instantly fall and hurt our body.

Could a person fall instantly asleep after stimulant wears off?


How do you say sorry i was alseep in spanish?

Lo siento. Estaba dormido.

What is the figure of speech in the expression he was out like a light?

To be knocked unconscious or fall asleep almost instantly. It comes from switching off a light. It goes out instantly too.

What happens when romeo and Juliet meet at the party?

They catch glimpses of eachother and they instantly fall in love.

If a guy looks at you in a funny away is he teasing you his eyes are abit closed?

he is prolly falling alseep.

What if you fall down?

That is very vague. But, judging by the provided information, you will instantly die. My name is Tim Hoy and I have a PhD in falling.