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Q: How can you become mute?
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Can you become mute from an injury?

U can only become mute if u look at sammi's stupid, ugly face!!

Can you become mute if you don't speak for a very long time let's say over 1 year?

It is possible to become mute if a person does not speak for a very long time, but not totally mute. Speaking may be hard at first but it will develop. People in a coma who wake up seldom have trouble speaking for very long.

Can a person become mute because of an emotional trauma?

yes it can but it depends on what trauma means

How can you tell if your child is mute and not selectively mute?

Very simply. If, when the child is born, it tries to cry and no sound comes out, if it never makes any noise beyond gasping/rushing air, the child is mute. Muteness is extremely rare, and can occur due to a genetic malformation of the larynx. As a mute child gets older, gaining access to a voice synthesizer may become a possibility.

What does a mute cannot do?

A mute cannot speak.

Is Amy from EastEnders mute?

No she's not a mute.

Spanish word for mute?

mute = mudo

Is mute a preposition?

No, it is not a preposition. The word mute is an adjective, or a verb (to mute: to reduce or eliminate sound).

What is a sentence for mute?

Mute-A person or animal without the power of speech Sentence:The swan was mute.

What is the past tense of mute?

The past tense of "mute" is "muted."

What is the most funny sounding trumpet mute?

There are quite a few different mutes. Some of the most common are: straight mute cup mute bucket mute wah-wah mute (commonly called a Harmon mute, but Harmon is actually a brand) plunger mute buzz-wow mute There are numerous manufacturers. Try an internet search for "trumpet mute" and you will see the different kinds.

What key do you use to remove mute from your laptop?

To remove mute from your laptop, press the mute key again.