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yes it can but it depends on what trauma means

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Q: Can a person become mute because of an emotional trauma?
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What causes a person to go into shock?

Experiencing emotional, psychological, or physical trauma.

What might cause a person to go into shock?

Experiencing emotional, psychological, or physical trauma.

Is saint ann related to trauma?

No. Trauma is not a person. It is a noun meaning an emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects. You cannot be related to a word.

Will tornado cause trauma on people?

Yes, a tornado can cause both physical and emotional trauma.

What is emotional shock following a stressful event?


What is emotional diarrhea?

When a person has stressful events and issues going on in their life, this can cause diarrhea. I know this from person experience with it. Any kind of trauma or emotional upsets can make us literally sick and show up with an array of symptoms.

Is it possible to get brain damage from years of major depression and intense emotional trauma?

No structural damage. The name of functional damage is Major Depression and intense emotional trauma.

Why is Gavin so sorry about saying Jack is gay?

Because he didn't realise the pure emotional trauma that he caused, he is sorry.

What causes trauma?

Two meanings, one physical and one emotional. A physical trauma is an injury, i.e., a "blunt force trauma to the head" might be caused by a bat to the head. There are mental traumas, such as being in war, the stress of which can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the trauma being that one had to kill and watch friends be killed or terribly injured.

What is most responsible for causing eating disorders?

Emotional Trauma (apex)

Why they need to recover emotionally?

When people have a trauma in their life they can recover physically from the event but depending on the trauma the emotional scar may last a lot longer. It is important to receive counseling or help when dealing with emotional scars.

What are the effects of bullying on people?

Emotional trauma and extreme loss of self esteem.