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Experiencing emotional, psychological, or physical trauma.

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Q: What might cause a person to go into shock?
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What are the injuries will usually cause someone to go into shock?


How does a jellyfish kill human beings?

by they can go trew someone and they can shock ther person and kill the humanby they can go trew someone and they can shock ther person and kill the human

Can certain allergies cause an increase in heart rate?

Sever allergies can cause the body to go into shock and one of the signs of shock is a fast heart rate (tahcycardia).

What causes a person to go into shock?

Experiencing emotional, psychological, or physical trauma.

Why is checking for phosphodiesterase inhibitors important prior to administration of nitrates?

phosphodiasterase inhibitors also act as a vasodilator and therefore if it is used with nitrates it will cause too much of vasodilation and the person can go into shock

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What is the effect of electric shock on a person?

Electric shock has a negative effect on human organism. Your skin gets burn-like wounds and your nervous system can get severely damaged too. That includes the part of the nervous system that controls your breathing, heartbeats, muscles etc... So in effect electric shock can cause ventricular fibrillation and stop your heart from beating. If you are trying to save a person suffering from such injuries make sure you don't touch him while he is still in closed electrical circuit, you can break the circuit by shutting down the power, pushing or hitting the person with a heavy object might do the trick because he/she might let go of the object that is shocking him (but this doesn't mean that you get to throw a stone in his head). Your last solution should be running and jumping into him because you might close the circuit yourself and get seriously injured.

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It might cause some problems with official documents, but if you want to do it on papers that you don't need to have a signature match then go ahead.

What is low blood volume called?

Low blood volume will cause low blood pressure, high heart rate as the heart tries to compensate. Eventually if the volume is low enough the person will go into hypovolemic shock.

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