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Well for one thing when not smoking you are not injecting poisons into your lungs and bloodstream. You also, by not smoking are not walking around in public smelling like an ashtray. Smoke gets into your clothes and just reeks, and it's also on your breath when talking to other people. But hey, if you enjoy just burning up a ten dollar bill once a day and coughing your lungs out and having a raspy voice or later on no voice because of throat cancer then just keep puffing away.

Quitting is easier than you think it is. You set your mind to anything and you can achieve it. You once set your mind to start smoking ... it just didn't happen all by itself ... you can do the same when quitting. I did it 12 years ago after smoking for 39 years. Just like that ... threw out all the stuff the night before and woke up the next day as a non-smoker and have not had any urges to return to that filthy habit and saving tons of money to boot!

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Refraining from smoking reduces an individual's risk of contracting certain types of diseases.

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Q: How can refraining from smoking benefit an individuals health?
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Smoking is not good for health.

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You can get many different diseases from smoking. For example, lung cancer.

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Smoking causes a multitude of health problems, so not smoking prevents health problems.

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Smoking can be detrimental to ones health, it can also cause your lungs to deteriorate. Thanks for listening

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Maximising the efficiency of heart (cardio) and lungs (vascular) by refraining from drink / drugs, and employing regular exercise.

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Smoking is bad for your health and may kill you earlier than you would live to if you did not smoke.

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how to save money when you quite smoking