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Q: How can people prevent getting hookworms on feet?
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How does a penguin stop itself from getting eating?

penguins prevent them-self from getting eaten by swimming away with there head and feet

What were the punishments for the aboriginal people?

getting hung my the feet and continuously getting poked.

Why do people like getting their feet tickled?

People like getting their feet tickled for a number of reasons. The main reason is that it makes them laugh. The alteration of sensation also brings them a sensation of pleasure.

What can one do to prevent getting stinky feet?

One of the best ways to prevent stinky feet is to wash them frequently while taking a shower or a bath at least every other day. Also, try to keep the feet dry and wear clean socks when you can. Furthermore, you can used a vodka-soaked cloth to wipe down your feet if they start producing odors. Lastly, keep the toenails trimmed as well to prevent dirt buildup within the nails.

How do I use please and kindly in the same sentence?

When you enter my house will you kindly wipe your feet on the mat provided and please shut the door after you to prevent the dog getting out.

How do people fight?

people start a fight by getting mad then using their hands and feet to hit, punch and kick each other.

What can prevent ballerinas from getting bunions?

When ballerinas were pointe shoes, they protect their feet from bunions by using lamb's wool, toe tape, or silicone, foam, or wool toe pads.

Are hookworms looking like grains of rice?

hook worms are a parasite that burrows up through your feet and into your stomach and intestines and eat the nutrients from your blood and from the food you eat and also look like rice

How does one prevent crows feet?

"To prevent crow's feet, try not to go in too much sun, and if you do, ensure you are wearing sunglasses. Also, avoid squinting in the sun if possible."

What is the common cause of death of bed bugs?

getting squeezed or crushed or sandwiched under people's bums or feet..... otherwise, they live for

How do you prevent the inside of your shoes from coloring your feet?

Wearing socks?

How many feet from a house should you plant a tree?

As many feet as it takes to prevent the tree's roots from ruining any underground portion of the building and to prevent the trunk from growing into the structure.