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Methamphetamine can be detected in a drug test even if one does not smoke/abuse meth. One way this is possible is that methamphetamine was ingested in another way, such as orally in the form of prescription pills (Desoxyn is a prescription form of methamphetamine hydrochloride). Certain decongestant inhalers also contain an isomer of methamphetamine. Though this compound lacks the abuse potential of its enantiomer (non-superimposable mirror-image molecule), it may still show up as 'meth' on a drug test. Finally, other medications can also cause false positives for methamphetamine on certain tests. If one test gives a positive result, more advanced tests can be used to distinguish between positive results and false positives. If one has used the aforementioned products which contain methamphetamine, this should be brought to the attention of the test administrator.

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Q: How can methamphetamine show up in your system if i don't smoke meth?
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Which stays in your system longer methamphetamine or crystal meth?

Crystal meth is slang for methamphetamine, they are the same substance.

What are some anti-methamphetamine slogan ideas?

life or meth, dont meth with it, and math you shouldn't abuse, meth you should refuse.

How long will second hand Meth smoke be detectable on a blood test after 2 days?

Methamphetamine smoke is NOT detectable on blood urine or any other drug test if you are not inhaling this smoke. Second hand meth smoke. Please!

How do you spell meth?

That is the correct spelling of the drug "methamphetamine" (meth or crystal meth).

What is the medical name for meth?


What else is meth called?

The complete name for the drug meth is methamphetamine.

What are some scientific names for meth?

The nickname "meth" is actually a short form for its actual scientific name, which is Methamphetamine or d-methamphetamine.

Does Dexedrine contain d methamphetamine?

No, but it is an amphetamine. "Pharmaceutical" meth. The only thing that contains methamphetamine is methamphetamine.

Can you get high from kissing someone who has just smoked meth?

no, because as long as your not smoking the crystal meth itself, it will have no affect on you. things like kissing,hugging, having sex ect; can not get you high as long as you dont smoke meth, even if the other person does.

What are the cons of making meth?

Making Methamphetamine which is often called meth is illegal. The chemicals used to make Methamphetamine are highly volatile and many meth labs have experienced a fire or explosion.

Can the stuff detox clean methamphetamine out of your system?

No. My friend used it today on a home drug test from rite aid. It passed on methamphetamine and failed on amphetamine.

Can you get methamphetamine in your system if someone around you is smoking it?

Yes, being in close contact with someone who is smoking meth can leave it in your system, & you can be tested positive for it.