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There are a lot of ways you can tell, but it also depends on the personality of the boy.

I always find that it is best to be direct.

Try saying "I love you" and see how he responds.

If this seems too difficult say it casually when introducing him to a friend

" This is Jason. He's pretty much the coolest, I love him"

Watch his reaction.

Another way is just to notice how he acts around you.

Does he look you straight in the eyes?

Does he look at your lips when you are talking?

Does he care about your feeling and try and protect you from getting hurt?

I f he loves you he won't be nasty about you to his mates, he will just let them know that he loves you. Hope this helps...


if you see him sexually touching her, checking her out, or see him trying to get her attention. but the best answer is see her sexually touching her in any place.


He can tell her that he loves her , i did it and it works don't worry she won't kill him

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the girlfriend will always want to be with him and won't act the same way to other boys.

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Q: How can boys know that his girlfriend really loves her?
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How do you know that your girlfriend really loves you?

just ask her

Does christian beadles like chocolate?

i dont know but he really loves his girlfriend jade jackson<3

How do you know if your girlfriend really loves you?

Answerask her what if her mom reads her texts and its a private relation ship from our parents

How can know if your girlfriend loves you?

The easiest way to tell if your girlfriend loves you is if she tells you. The better way of finding out if she really loves you though is by watching her ACTIONS. Does she show it by showering you with affection? Does she surprise you with little tiny things that mean the most?

How do you know he really loves you like he says he does but he has a girlfriend with a 4 month relationship?

break up with him and get a single man.

How do you know your girlfriend really loves you?

You know your girlfriend really likes you when she always want to be with you and she tells everybody who her boyfriend is (you). It's mostly obvious but you have to trust them enough to know that they really like you and they may not show that they like you all the time but she probably does, just think about it in the good way.

How do you know if the guy really loves you or he is just used to you?

well if the person really loves you he will often tell you sweet things , but if he doesn't really love you i think that the person will treat you more as a friend than a girlfriend or wife?

How do you know your vietnamese girlfriend loves you?

you dont

Is it a bad thing if your girlfriend doesn't know if she loves you?

of course it is why go out with someone who doesn't know they love you? like really whats the point? you should want to date someone who really and truly loves you so yes its a bad thing!

How do you know girlfriend loves you?

Well, u should be able to tell if she really loves you. But you'll come to know it & no tips will help you find out. Love is a powerfull thing, and comes naturally, but you'll know. You'll feel it in her.

How do you know your girlfriend loves you?

you know how your gurlfriends loves you because she cant put itinto words how she feels about you.

How do you know your girlfriend loves you or not?

You can tell if your girlfriend loves you buy taking a test, asking her to marry you and she says yes yes yes yes yes u really do , just ask her, or try to over hear her talking to her friends about you