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Please note: While self-bondage can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Make sure you have a way to escape: for example, a knife or scissors could be hidden somewhere, or you could arrange to have a friend check on you if you didn't call by a pre-arranged time.

Also, consider health issues such as tying the knot too tight which will cut off blood supply and could lead to serious injury or even death in the worst case scenario.

Method one: use a wrist coil. A wrist coil is simply a length of rope with both ends tied together to form a loop. To minimize the danger of tissue damage, the coil should go around your wrists at least three times. Put your hands behind your back and through the wrist coil, then twist your wrists in opposite directions to twist the coil until it's tight. Untwist to release your hands.

Method two: To tie your hands behind your back so that you can't escape you need a wrist coil and a cinch noose. A cinch noose is a slip knot like a hangman's knot which will tighten but will only loosen very reluctantly, depending on the rope used, so once applied will make it very difficult (if not impossible) to release yourself. For this reason it is a dangerous method.The rope used for the cinch noose needs to have enough resistance to friction - basically a relatively coarse rope available from any decent hardware shop.

Create the cinch noose (as above) and insert the wrist coil into the clinch noose first. Then insert your wrists into either end of the wrist coil. When you pull on the loose end of the cinch noose it will tighten in between your wrists and effectively secure your wrists behind your back. (You might want to try this with your wrists in front of you first, to be sure you understand how it works!)

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Q: How can a you tie your own wrists together behind your back?
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