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I'm a recovering addict and sleep is the best cure as well as lots of water and food. See an addictionoligist Dr and go to support meetings (NA). NA will help you realize your true importense to society again. You can ask anyone who has sober time, real sober time and you will get the same answer over and over.


I agree with the above answer. When I quit meth, I basically slept for 2 weeks straight, only getting up to eat and have a cigarette. The depression is pretty bad too, but you just have to fight through it and after a couple of weeks, it will get better. Being off of meth is the best thing I've ever done. I didn't go to NA and I didn't quit using drugs altogether (still love weed), but meth was too much for me.

Get clean of it however you have to, and stay away from it. The "soft" drugs (weed, shrooms, ecstasy) are all you need in life.

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Q: How can I make amphetamine withdrawal easier?
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Can i make amphetamine withdrawal easier?

Yes, take Suboxone.

Adderall and social withdrawal?

This isn't a sentence. Adderall is an amphetamine. Generally it causes a feeling of sociability and friendliness, not withdrawl.

Does amphetamine increase appetite?

No. Taking amphetamine will decrease your appetite, and probably significantly. If I take 30mg of Adderall/Amphetamine in the morning, food is the last thing on my mind, and I often have to force myself to eat just to get vitamins and protein.However, if you get addicted to the substance, one symptom of withdrawal is increased appetite.

What Amphetamine can be used to gradually reduce Cocaine withdrawl?

That is a bad idea. You're just going to end up replacing your cocaine addiction with an amphetamine addiction. Some of the medications commonly used for cocaine withdrawal, like amineptine and mirtazapine, are also used for amphetamine withdrawal -- perhaps that is what you're thinking of? I don't know much about amineptine, but my doctor prescribed mirtazapine for me to help me sleep, and it can really knock you out. Just one pill can put me to sleep for 24 hours straight. So I can see how it could be helpful for a cocaine withdrawal, because instead of sitting up awake, having a horrible comedown, you could just sleep it off. However, studies done on the effects of amineptine and mirtazapine on people suffering from cocaine or amphetamine withdrawal are not promising. Although these drugs may be helpful for some people, in general they don't seem to work very well.

Will bupropion XL make you fail for anfetimines?

I am not 100% it wont make you fail but it certainly is NOT an amphetamine. It has similar simulating properties but definitely is not an amphetamine.

How to make bootleg amphetamine?

don't do it. You will pay, no matter what.

What are some withdrawl symptoms when you come off of amphetamines?

Withdrawal symptoms from amphetamines can include fatigue, increased appetite, depression, irritability, and trouble concentrating. It is important to seek medical help when discontinuing amphetamine use to manage these symptoms and safely navigate the withdrawal process.

How do you know if someone is making meth out of amphetamines?

You don't. First, meth is an amphetamine. If you are referring to amphetamine as in Adderall, you can't make meth out of that.

Does meth block your opiate withdrawl symptoms?

First off, it depends what meth you are talking about. METHADONE does block opiate withdrawal symptoms and is used to get people off of herion or other opiates. If you are talking about methamphetamine, than no. Methamphetamine will actually make opiate withdrawal worse at times, but it may make it easier to deal with them during the "high" of methamphetamine because of how powerful of a drug it is.

What is the difference between d-amphetamine and ic-amphetamine?

ic amphetamine salts are generic for Adderall IR, which contains 4 different types of amphetamine salts, racemic amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, racemic amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine saccharide, and dextroamphetamine sulfate. All of these are amphetamine salts. ic amphetamine salts contain dextroamphetamine as well racemic amphetamine mixtures, which contain equal parts levo- and dextro- amphetamine. So the difference is that ic amphetamine salts (Adderall IR) contains ~75% dextoamphetamine and ~25% levoamphetamine.

What can you do if a deputy sheriff make you a positive met amphetamine test?

Say that your friend does it.

What are amphetamine salts?

Amphetamine Salts (D-Amphetamine Salts) is the generic form of the drug Adderall.-Prescribed to patients who suffer from ADD/ADHD-They come in form of a pink tablet-Stimulant-Side effects: faster heartbeat, dry mouth, elevated sex drive