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You don't. First, meth is an amphetamine. If you are referring to amphetamine as in Adderall, you can't make meth out of that.

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Q: How do you know if someone is making meth out of amphetamines?
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Is Adderall a form meth?

No adderall is a prescription drug. Meth is made in a bath tub in your local trailer park. They are both highly addictive i know being a former adderall junkie. They are both amphetamines but no they are both amphetamines

Can bupropion cause positive UA for meth or amphetamines?

No; bupropion/welbutrin will not show up as meth or amphetamines. It is neither. I know this also because I take it every day (prescribed) and all my UA's have been clean. It doesn't have the same metabolic breakdown or chemistry structure close to either meth or amphetamines. You should be safe.

Do drug court drug tests test for meth or just amphetamines?

just amphetamines in arkansas

What shows up as amphetamines on a urine test?


Can Adderall show up on a urine test as methamphetamine?

It depends on the drug screen. If the drug screen is simply checking for "amphetamines", then meth and Adderall will both show up as amphetamines. However, many tests will distinguish between meth and amphetamines, and in this case, Adderall should test as an amphetamine while meth should test as meth.

Street names for amphetamines?

Crank. Meth. Speed. Crystal.

If takinf adderall and you do coke what will show in urine?

meth amphetamines and crazy piss

What is inside speed?

depends alot on location but generally its meth and a cocktail of other amphetamines

What does adepex show up as on a drug test?

as amphetamines....whoever is testing you will think your on meth

What is a home recipe for flushing one's system of crystal meth?

how to flush your body from Amphetamines

What over the counter medacition will show up meth in a drug test?

amphetamines is what you test positive for adipex (diet pill) will show up as a false positive on your ua. it will show up as amphetamines..(meth)..adipex 37.5mg get a prescription from your doctor and you will be fine..the chemical compond in both are very similar..the only why they tell is by a blood test not a ua.....dr.rashem MD...good luck Some tests do distinguish between meth and other amphetamines. In addition to what was mentioned above, MDMA (ecstasy) will also test positive for meth.

Will you fail a drug test if you take tenuate dospan for weight loss?

No drug tests test for meth, not amphetamines or chemical compounds closely related to amphetamines