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Without purchasing colored contacts, you can't seeing how it's impossible to change your eye color....

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Q: How can I look I you have full Heterochromia without buying anything?
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I would have to completely disagree as well. Central Heterochromia is so common it's not even funny. I have Sectoral (or partial) heterochromia and i have yet to see anyones eyes (in person) that look like mine. I have one full blue eye, and the other eye is brown with a chunk of blue in it.) So to answer your question- Central Heterochromia= definitely common. Have you seen many people walking around with two completely different colored eyes? I have to see even one, but think this - central heterochromia is even rare among that! It signifies abnormally levels of toxin in the body in most cases, but sometimes it's genetic. (I have central heterochromia) I have central heterochromi(genetic)I have three colors actuall. brown in the cener and green outter. but there is also a even darker green ring on the very outside edge of my iris. my dad has full heterochromia one eye is green and one is brown. His green eye also has central heterochromia. newtest3 ---- Hello! I would have to disagree with them. Central Heterochromia doesn't seem to be as rare as Partial or Full Heterochromia. I myself have Central Heterochromia and know a few other people who do as well, whereas I don't know anyone with Partial or Full. And from what I understand of the research I've done, Partial is even rarer than Full. In the people I know with Central Heterochromia, most of them are usually classified as having "hazel" eyes because they have those different colored rings. Now, that's not the case for all people with hazel eyes, but it's very common for them to be misclassified. So in terms of rarity, you have to think how many people in the world have hazel eyes? ~ I guess I'm the odd one then... I have Sectoral and Central heterochromia... My eyes are normally green, but when you look at the, the top half of both of them is brown. They also have a dark grey ring around the outside of them, as I just recently discovered. The odd thing about that, is that my mom had blue/grey-ish eyes, and my dad has hazel ones. Neither my parents, nor their parents have brown eyes.

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