How bad is alcohol for you?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Alcohol in large amounts can be very bad for you. Alcohol can damage your liver and if you have a lot you get hang over and vomit, it's tear up the lining of your throat. Alcohol it's self depending what you drink could be bad for you, if your under the age of 25 and hurt the growth of your internal organ and even your brain. But if you take alcohol, in small amounts, drink plenty of water and give your body time to recover, * alcohol is a depression on your body system, so it's makes everything work slower* From the depression. You should be fine. This is true its bad for You can become addicted by getting drunk and not act normal.
Alcohol bad for you every day

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We denote 'Ethanol' when we discuss alcohol, the most commonly ingested of this type of chemicals. When ingested, the effects of Alcohol on human body changes gradually over the time.

-first stage is euphoria. When consumed, alcohol first irritates the mucous lining of mouth and then esophagus causing an anesthetic effect. Then it goes to stomach where only 20% of the total quantity is absorbed by it. Rest 80% is then absorbed by small intestine from where it gets distributed throughout the human body. Alcohol travels through blood and come into the vicinity of cells of almost every organ. Due to its high affinity towards water, it can penetrate almost all cellular membranes resulting in absorption by all organs.

Because of the chronic and continuous consumption of alcohol, the increase in fatty acid levels results in forming of plaque in the hepatic capillaries. This situation leads to Liver Cirrhosis. As liver performs vital role in filtration mechanism of body, malfunctioning of liver often leads to jaundice (Hepatitis). As alcohol enhances antidiuretic hormone secretion, more urine is formed which results in Dehydration.

There are many different effects of alcohol to our body, most important:

lethargy, confusion, stupot, coma, death.

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Q: How bad is alcohol for you?
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